Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney in Virginia

What is Assault, Battery and Assault, and Battery?

Assault: An attempt intentionally or unintentionally to physically harm someone with or without a weapon.

Battery: Battery crime can be defined as an unwanted touch or contact, could be harmful or offensive to the person.

Assault and Battery: People often knew assault and battery as battery crime, but it is slightly different between them. Calling it a mixture of both crimes wouldn’t be wrong. Assault and Battery crime take place when a person tries to harm the other person intentionally or inflicts any bodily injury or physical abuse. Modern Law puts assault and battery in the same category, and the penalties for both are same.

Aggravated Assault: Aggravated assault is a more serious kind of assault crime where a person intentionally tries to injure the person or disable him/her seriously. This act can be done with or without the weapon. The Aggravated Assault crime contains the aggravated factor while committing assault crime. This can also happen if you do it without any intention or recklessly. Aggravated Assault can lead you to attempt to murder charge as well which has serious penalties in the code of Virginia.

Aggravated Assault Penalties: According to a study, if there are 100,000 cases registered under the assault category, almost 7,870 are aggravated assault case; which is a high number. Aggravated assault can happen when the malicious wounding takes place; which has felony two charges according to the Law of Virginia. But, not all malicious wounding cases are aggravated assault case. E.g., if someone brings any firearm or weapon during the attack, it will directly fall into the aggravated assault category, but, it will not be counted as malicious wounding every time.

Can Aggravated Assault Cases be defended?

Yes, fortunately, there is no case in the Virginia law which can go unnoticed or where you cannot hire a lawyer to prove your innocence. The Code of Virginia allows you to hire an attorney and try to prove your innocence. Although, it depends on what kind of crimes you are charged with. Aggravated assault cases usually fall in Felony 2 or 3 classes which has very serious penalties. Normal assault is misdemeanor class 1 crime. But once it is aggravated, circumstances change. You need to hire a lawyer according to the crimes you are charged with, whether it is any felony or any misdemeanor charges. Usually, misdemeanor classes can get you leverage if it is the first time and the Court will put you on probation. Although, the felonies will not let you go this easy, at least 30 days of mandatory prison is a must. You will be hiring an attorney according to that and will be fighting your case besides him.

Hiring an attorney in your defense doesn’t always end up with the positive side you hope for. It depends on how experienced lawyer you are going to hire and how severe your crime is. But, it is always recommended that you should hire an experienced lawyer who knows the Court well and can defend you well. Aggravated assault attorneys aren’t hard to find in Virginia, and the consultation is absolutely free if you are looking for one. They will be assisting you in any difficulty of your case once you hire an attorney.

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