Understanding the Standard Virginia real estate contract

Whether you are a property seller, buyer, or a real estate agent, you must have a sound knowledge about the Standard Virginia real estate contract. Understanding the Standard Virginia real estate contract will help you avoid legal problems that usually develop later when you close a property transaction. By definition, a real estate contract is … Read more

Mclean VA Homes For Sale

Being one of the poorest states of the country actually goes in the list of positive points. It makes it one of those states that has extremely low housing cost. Hence Mclean VA Homes for sale will be available at a price you cannot even imagine. Being economically poor reduces the taxes, gas prices, food … Read more

The Consequences of Breaking a Real Estate Contract

A real estate contract of sale or real estate purchase agreement is written with a large number of terms and conditions associated with the process of sale and purchase. Both selling and buying parties are required to manage a number of tasks during the period between the date when the contract is signed and the … Read more

The Impact of Joint Child Custody

The custody of a child is divided into two types that are legal and physical. The legal custody associated with child care, right to make decisions for the well-being of the child, and control of child. This legal custody also termed as joint custody. The impact of joint custody is quite severe on the life … Read more

What is considered worse in Virginia: felony or misdemeanor?

All states in America have certain regulations and rules that need to be followed regarding misdemeanor and felony. If the citizens do not abide by the rules, the state charges a penalty and a fine. The state of Virginia has its own punishments and penalties on misdemeanor and felony charges. What is the difference between … Read more

What if you want less responsibility for your children than your ex-spouse wants you to have in Child Custody.

Many of the divorced couples develop a dynamic in which parent (who does not have primary custody) overspends money or show more attention to cover lack of effective parenting skills. Often this circumstances, lead to custody battles that hinge to determine which spouse deserves more time with the child. But what if you want less … Read more

Reckless Driving in Virginia Fine

In the state of Virginia reckless driving ticket fines differ as per offense, but not the location in which the crime has been committed. To put it in simple words, getting a reckless driving ticket in Richmond will cost you almost the same as getting one in Virginia Beach. If you fail to pay the … Read more


When you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Virginia, it is usually unclear what would happen next. It all depends on the blood alcohol content levels of the individual been convicted. The judge may convict them of DUI and they will have to spend some time in the jail (if it … Read more

Discussing About Reckless Driving Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia

Reckless driving crimes are different with traffic crimes. Reckless driving can have severe consequences whereas failing to obey a traffic light signal would be a class 1 misdemeanor. However, there are reckless driving class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia which have less severe and harsh charges. These reckless driving class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia can also … Read more

Here is what the Virginia Speeding Law States

Virginia is strict in dealing with their traffic violation related to speeding. In order to curb the increase accidents due to speeding in Virginia, the law enforcement authorities have even increased the speeding fine. Here is what the Virginia Speeding Law States Understanding speeding law in Virginia In Virginia, the speeding laws are divided into … Read more