Burglary Laws in Richmond Virginia

The term “property offense” in Code of Virginia encompasses several types of crimes, including burglary, embezzlement, theft, arson or destruction of property. A conviction on a burglary crime comes with significantly grave punishments and outrageous fines.

Burglary laws in Richmond, Virginia consider burglary crime to be a felony that comes with harsher penalties when the perpetrator is armed with one or more deadly weapons. Although Virginia has a very specific definition and explanation of burglary, it compensates by grouping several similar crimes coming under ‘statutory burglary.” (Sec 18.2-90; 18.2-91)

Penalty for Burglary

In Richmond, Virginia, a burglary is a felony offense as mentioned before. An individual accused of burglary may be charged as a Class 3 felony, which is punishable by five up to twenty years in prison as well as a heavy fine of up to $100,000. Additionally, when the defendant was allegedly armed with one or more deadly weapons while committing the offense, the individual may face Class 2 felony charges besides bearing a heavy fine of up to $100,000 as well as up to 20 years of slavery in prison. All these specific penalties are applicable to the burglary offense as defined under Virginia Code (Sec 18.2-89), i.e. breaking as well as entering an occupied dwelling at night time with the primary intention of committing any theft or felony offense therein.

Factors of a Burglary Sentencing

A judge in Richmond, Virginia court is initially provided with several options to create the penalties when an illegal act of property crime is considered for a burglary crime. The court decision largely depends on the intensity of the crime, the application of force as well as similar items which result in distinct periods and fines, and additional criminal actions. All this implies that when an individual breaks into a house or building and only steals some items of very minimal value without doing anything else and executed the illegal activity with the use of either negligible or no force at all, then such individual could be facing just one or two years of life in prison with certain lesser fines. However, as per the discretion of the court as well as the circumstances and significance of the event, this range could also be greater.

Negative Impacts of Burglary

In Richmond, Virginia, the negative impacts of a burglary are most often related to social life. This is because when the information about one’s accusation and burglary charges have become public or when the details are revealed to the defendant’s family and friends, many of them may tend to reduce the contact or even stop continuing the relationship. Consequently, the people of burglary conviction have to live in solitary even when they do not want to. Additionally, they may also find difficulty in obtaining secure residency as well as employment.

Therefore, it is imperative to retain a reputable, well-versed criminal defense lawyer to help prevent the consequences if you or your loved one is facing burglary charges or has been accused of such an offense in Richmond, Virginia.