Embezzlement Virginia Criminal Defenses Lawyers

In case you are accused of embezzlement charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, then it is extremely important for you to have a team of well-versed embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers who will help you understand your situation and guide the complicated pathways of the severe criminal justice system of the state. Whether they are … Read more

Virginia Auto Accident Lawyer

Living in the state of Virginia, hundreds of accidents happen every day. Only a person who is involved in the accident, whether who has caused it or who has affected, knows how traumatic experience this can be. Both parties claim that they were on the right side and the accident has never been their fault. … Read more

Accident Lawyers in Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax is a city located inside the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although there are state laws for the whole of the Virginian cities, Fairfax has some prominent facts too. What kind of accidents happens mostly in Fairfax? What are the probabilities of the compensation? Does pain and suffering damages involve in the case? Do Fairfax have … Read more

Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney in Virginia

What is Assault, Battery and Assault, and Battery? Assault: An attempt intentionally or unintentionally to physically harm someone with or without a weapon. Battery: Battery crime can be defined as an unwanted touch or contact, could be harmful or offensive to the person. Assault and Battery: People often knew assault and battery as battery crime, … Read more

What is the minimum Sentence for Armed Robbery?

Robbery in Virginia Robbery is when a person tries to obtain anything from the other person forcefully; it can be money, property or anything. Mostly the robbery is for money and the mobiles and precious items. Armed robbery is another robbery kind which involves firearms, weapons to obtain money, property or anything from the victim. … Read more

Sexual Abuse against Child under 15 Maryland

What is Sexual Abuse? Sexual abuse is when a person does sexual activities with a child or a minor. If any person who tries to get involved with a minor (under 18), the convicted person will be charged with the child abuse or child sexual assault case. Any person who is found being involved in … Read more


Not all families have a long life together in a happy marriage, and some still have to decide on such an extreme measure as a divorce. We will not try to find out the reasons that push people to this decision, but rather we will briefly describe the procedure for divorce. According to a well-versed … Read more

Virginia Protective Order Appeal

Protective Order Appeal Process If the court issues a prolonged order for protection, the other party can file an appeal to the district court. (There is no appeal allowed if the justice court denies an application to extend a protection order, only if the court grants the extension.) The district court will typically not ask … Read more

Virginia DUI attorney

DUI Charges and its Attorneys in Virginia When you are convicted with the DUI, then you are on the verge of having the misdemeanor class 1 criminal charges. You will be having a criminal record once you are charged with the misdemeanor class 1 category and the repeated offense of DUI may put you in … Read more

Virginia Divorce Laws Alimony

Spousal support issues arise in Virginia divorces where the parties have been married for a substantial length of time and there is a significant gap in their incomes. In these cases, determination of a proper amount and duration of spousal support (called “alimony” in other states) can become very difficult. Does Virginia have a Spousal … Read more