Child Support Modification in Virginia

As easy as it might have been for requesting or applying for child support, modification in it can be very tough compared to that. One of the parents of the child has to go to court for modification, as it wouldn’t happen automatically and apply for a formal request of modification in child support order issued by the court previously. The only court has the full authority to change or modify the orders if anything changes from the last order. Asking for change after three years of order or before the child turning eighteen.

When to Change Child Support Orders?

Child support orders can’t be changed because it is time for it to be changed or on a whim. The court needs real evidence to change the orders, and you have to submit them at any cost. As per the law, three years after the first decision has been announced; you can file for a change in child support if there is any major concern. What does it require? Filing with overall changes, you need in order, or it can be a single change, what circumstances have changed or if there have been any changes in earnings. What you have to care about most is to look for the facts when the last order was given. If there have been changes in the facts, then you can apply for a modification. Although, the circumstances get changed so many times in three years, until or unless something effective takes place before three years, you can go for it. Like, if father’s salary goes up to 25% or more, which increases his share in order, parents have to submit for a review or modification.

What Circumstances Lead to Change in Support?

It can be based on many different storylines. As discussed above, father or mother’s income can play a major role in it, if the child gets into an accident, if the child gets ill or disable in worst scenarios, or if the child’s needs grow. In these circumstances, the amount dedicated to the supporting system can be raised. Not only this, when a child starts growing older, the necessities start becoming expensive like clothes, food, and etcetera. They are fine enough for requesting a change in child support order. Another change can be filed if any of the parents lose their job. That way, they can ask for a reduction in child support.

NO to Verbal Changes

The biggest problem there is when parents agree on things on their own and do the verbal agreement between each other and changes the support order. Why? When you go to court for modifications and changes, the last order represents a different story towards the judge or whoever is in charge. Whereas, parents verbally agreed on changes in the past which puts them in a state of facing a penalty. After getting the order, this scenario is the most common issue of all. Why NO to verbal changes? Because when the time passes, the worded agreements gets manipulated and that leads to contentious situations. Any worded agreements parents modify, they have to note it down and make it legal first, so there will be no contentious situations.