Class 5 Felony in Virginia

There are different types of criminal offenses in Virginia including the infractions, felonies and misdemeanours. These offenses are very different from each by the amount of punishment that is allocated to someone if that individual is convicted of the class 5 felony in Virginia.

Felonies are different classes of crimes in Virginia which are categorized according to the intensity of the crime. Most of the states classify the felonies by different type of classes. Class 4 felony is a comparatively minor felony as compared to the class 6 and class 5 Felony in Virginia. Class 1 felony is the most serious type of the felony and it carries steep penalties such as exorbitant fines and jail for long period of time. Class 4 felony is considered as one of the lowest ranked group in felony and it is a serious offense but it is not serious as the class 2 or class 1 felony.

It is not necessary that every state has class 4 felony. There are only some stated like California and Virginia, which categorize the crime by its type. Class 5 felony in Virginia is the crime in which the person who is convicted have to face the punishment of maximum ten years and at least one year of incarceration, with the maximum fine of $2,500. The individual should remember that the exact penalties of the crime will differ between different states.

There are some states which uses the codes like A, B and C to categorize the crimes and the charges associated with it. The state criminal code helps in the determination of the fact that whether certain crime fits into the category of the crime or not. All these crimes differ in the maximum and minimum potential sentences. The charges included in the class 5 felony in Virginia includes the theft of money, violating the protective order, trafficking in marijuana, heroin or LSD or assaulting someone.

Hiring Lawyers for Class 5 Felony

Most of the states make it mandatory that every individual should serve at least jail sentence for the class 5 felony, which is more than one year. Moreover, the jail sentence will keep the individual away from the responsibilities or the loved ones. The hiring of an experienced lawyer to handle your case can be advantageous to the person who is caught by the authorities for class 5 felony crime. The right will not only fight your case, but he will also guide you regarding the major rules and regulations of class 5 felony.  Thus, it is necessary to contact our lawyer if you are convicted of the class 5 felony in Virginia, as it will save the person from any major punishments.  The felony plea in Virginia is the most difficult and complex negotiations, and the stakes of the wrong decisions can cause the person having the felony record of spending time in jail and paying a large amount of fines. The jurisdiction, however, differs in resolving such cases as it requires in working out a plea at the initial stage of the hearing. There are also certain charges linked with class 5 felony in Virginia that are considered as a misdemeanour, but they are resolved at the initial stage with the help of the efficient lawyers.