Domestic Violence Lawyer Cost in Virginia

Domestic violence is reflected as a pattern of abusive behavior used by a partner to gain control and power over another partner. It can be physical, sexual, economic, emotional, and psychological or threats of any action that can influence another person. In Virginia, domestic violence is a Class I offense. A Class I offense is any crime for which a person  can be restrained for a period of more than twelve months, and have a fine of up to $2,500.00. The first step you need to take if you are being charged with domestic violence is to immediately contact a lawyer.

To have a legal representation concerning domestic violence, SRIS Law Group can represent you in cases where you need legal support. We have qualified trail lawyers and two former prosecutors who can help you with your case. Contact one of our attorneys and experience the difference, as we assure that customer services is very critical to a person’s peace of mind.

When you hire a legal representative the very first question that comes in mind is, how much is this going to cost us? Each of the legal action has different conditions and there is a high level of complexity involved in domestic violence cases. The costs vary according to the complexity of an individual case. Worrying about the cost is not the best way to go and it will cost you even more if you do not hire a lawyer. The SRIS Law Group aims to provide its clients effective legal services with affordable cost.

Flat Rate

The SRIS Law Group handle the cases of domestic violence in Virginia, on a flat rate provided there is a charge pending. You will get to know about the charges after our first consultation. An agreement will be signed beforehand to avoid surprises. Any exclusions to a flat fee must be in the agreement. If not, the lawyer, rather than the client must bear the consequences. Because of diverse nature of charges, we are unable to provide cost list online. However we guarantee that the rate of your case will be settled during first consultation. The specific cost for you domestic violence case will depend on factors such as charge you are facing in the court it’s in. The advantage of charging flat fee is that clients know, at the beginning, how much he or she must pay a lawyer.

Hourly Rate

We are also providing hourly option in which you are being charged hourly by your lawyer. The SRIS Law Group let their clients decide whether they go with flat fee or hourly rate. Virginia Law require the lawyer fee agreements in written signed by the client and lawyer.

Payment Methods

The SRIS Law Group provide its client with multiple payment methods which includes cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

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