How to fight a Traffic Ticket in Virginia

If you are charged with the traffic ticket, and you think that it has been unfair to you, then you can appeal in the Court against it and fight for it. To prove your innocence in the Court, you need to follow few points, which are as follow;

File for being Innocent in the Court

The beginning step of pleading yourself not guilty is to contest your traffic ticket in the Court of Virginia. You can also take this case to Circuit Court of Virginia. You have to keep the traffic ticket you were charged for and later you will be submitting it in the Court. You have to plead your innocence in the Court when the arraignment date comes. Once you can file a plea, you have to wait for the pre-trial conference or a Trial day before judge or jury, which will be ordered or given by the court. After pleading and getting your dates, you aren’t allowed to miss the dates at all. If you miss the Court dates, the Court has all the rights to issue arrest warrant of your name and get you captured or the Court can charge you with the failure to appear in it which has serious consequences as well. If you find yourself busy in something on the given date by the Court, you can appeal for the date to be changed. For that, you need to contact the District Court or the Circuit court, wherever your case hearing is taking place.

The Case for being Innocent

When it comes to the case, there are usually two options which may happen.’

  1. Pre Trial Conference
  2. The trial before a Judge if it is in Virginia District Court or the Jury if it is the Circuit Court.

If you haven’t found a lawyer for your case yet, then you have to find one before the Court dates at any cost. Because, if you decide to enter the court all on your own, then you might miss the laws you aren’t aware of. But, if you plan to do that, then start gathering information on the laws and familiarize yourself with them and the Court. If you go to the Court without an attorney, there can be two following situations entirely based on your situation and after studying your appeal;

  • Proven guilty will cost you prison
  • Or if you are compelled enough not to hire an attorney, the Court will arrange you a Counsel.

Usually, when the traffic ticket isn’t a big one, there aren’t any serious scenarios. That explains if you are without a lawyer, and your case is not a serious one, then it will be okay. But for serious and harsh penalty cases, you need to hire an attorney for better results and to prove your innocence in the court or have the charges dropped/reduced.