Prince William County Reckless Driving Ticket

In Prince William County, reckless driving s considered as a serious offense which results in criminal charges, penalties, and tickets that may lead to more serious punishments. Reckless driving can be defined as a driver who is driving a vehicle in a reckless, careless or intimidating manner that can damage the safety concerns of the other people as well as the passengers of the vehicle.

Whenever a person is found to be involved in reckless driving acts, he/she is charged with a Prince William County reckless driving ticket that can lead to a simple payment, fine or imprisonment.

However, most of the people misinterpret that Prince William County reckless driving ticket is same as that of the speeding ticket, but this is not true. There is a slight difference in these two tickets that must be cleared here. A speeding ticket is charged when your driving speed exceeds 20 mph or 80 mph on highways. This speeding ticket that you have to pay is not urgent as you can make the payment when you get back to home.

On the other hand, reckless driving tickets are charged when the much serious offense is done by the person that can endanger the life of any person. These type of tickets usually results in jail or fine or license suspension.

How to Respond on Reckless Driving Ticket

No doubt that reckless driving is serious offense but if you have been charged with Prince William County reckless driving ticket due to any intentional or unintentional reason, there is nothing scary in it and don’t be over-responsive to the traffic police. What you need to do is to follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, read the Prince William County reckless driving ticket thoroughly especially at the top “Law Section”. If it is a speeding ticket, then you have two options to decide from. One is to pay it, and the other is to hire a lawyer to dismiss the ticket. But if the ticket is reckless driving then think carefully to plead guilty or not guilty.
  • If you have decided to pay the ticket, then you just have to make the payment before the date you have to appear in the court.

If you have decided to defend your case, then consult a traffic attorney and discuss your Prince William County reckless driving ticket with him. The attorney will guide you what you should do next that best suitable in your case.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Reckless Driving Tickets

If you are getting scared of reckless driving laws and your appearance on the court, then don’t be scared. Remember that very few reckless driving tickets result in severe punishments like jail or fine. The most common outcome of the Prince William County reckless driving ticket is the license suspension for 10 days to six months. And the good point is that you wouldn’t be restricted from driving all the way long, but you will be provided with a restricted license through which you can drive to your important commitments.

Note that the most important thing that you have to consider is to consult with a skilled and experienced Prince William County reckless driving ticket lawyer so that you can defend your case and receive minimum or negligible punishment.