Reckless Driving in Virginia Fine

In the state of Virginia reckless driving ticket fines differ as per offense, but not the location in which the crime has been committed. To put it in simple words, getting a reckless driving ticket in Richmond will cost you almost the same as getting one in Virginia Beach. If you fail to pay the fine by the deadline, it will result in a bail increase as a surcharge. Also, the court might also issue a warrant leading to your arrest.

Reckless Driving in Virginia Fine

Additional Fees

When you fail to pay the reckless driving ticket in the state of Virginia within forty days after the date set by the court, you will have to pay an additional interest on top of the fees. Apart from this the court is also going to submit the debt to the collection. Make sure you pay the citation on time to avoid further actions. It is important that the court receives the payment within thirty days after the court date, if you fail to do so you might face the suspension of your driver’s license. If a “time to pay” or delayed payment agreement has been arranged, you will be required to pay the VA reckless driving ticket fine by the date agreed on.

Auto Insurance Rate Increase

“One extra expense you shouldn’t overlook is auto insurance rate increases. Most likely after getting convicted of a traffic violation, you’ll notice your car insurance premium go up. Be particular mindful at renewal time. To get ahead of rate hike, compare car insurance rates online.”

Virginia Traffic Ticket Penalties

The state of Virginia enlists a ‘Driver Improvement Program’ for those residing in Virginia. This means that if you ever get convicted of reckless driving, the court is going to notify the VA DMV. The motor agency will then:

  1. Post the conviction to your driving record
  2. Add demerit points to your DMV record (depending on the severity of the offense)
  3. Issue an order to suspend your driver’s license (if applicable)
  4. Issue an order requiring you to complete a driver improvement clinic (if applicable)
  5. Notify your auto insurance company (upon request)

Apart from this, the DMV is also going to keep an eye on the driving record in order to monitor the number of points you accrue within twelve months and then within twenty-four months.

Following are some of the reasons which will lead to your driver’s license being suspended:

  1. Failing to pay the court fines along with the costs for convictions for the motor vehicle related or even nonmotor vehicle-related
  2. Not completing the driver improvement clinic.
  3. A court order which has been based on the reckless driving conviction.
  4. Excessive buildup of demerit points associated with the convictions of traffic violations
  5. Failing to gratify an unresolved judgment associated with a motor vehicle accident.

Following are some of the reasons which will lead to your driver’s license being revoked:

  1. Driving even though you are intoxicated
  2. Voluntary or involuntary homicide which results from driving a vehicle.
  3. Misdemeanor violations in which a vehicle was made use of.
  4. Failure to stop as well as disclose the identity at the crash or accident scene.
  5. Accumulating three points for desecrations (comprising of safety belt along with child restraint desecrations) committed when one is under eighteen years of age.