Virginia Child Pornography Lawyer

Virginia law does not allow its residents to make, possess and/or distribute child pornography content. According to a well-versed Virginia child pornography lawyer, the residents of the state who obtain as well as keep child pornography in their possession and are convicted under Virginia Statute 18.2-374.1:1, then they shall be guilty of a Class six felony.

Nowadays, someone who has a simple device with an Internet connection can document his life and share it with anyone and everywhere. Sharing our lives has become so simple that we no longer think twice about what kind of information is worth sharing as we rely completely on these services. However, the Internet is not a safe place to store your personal data, secrets or files.

The dangers of sexting are clear: photos, videos, and private messages may stop being within control at any time. The current communication channels allow us to share information quickly, so we instantly lose control over what we share from the moment we do it, says a well-versed Virginia child pornography lawyer. Private content can be made public in many situations like these:

  • The person who receives photos of sensitive material could share them on public channels, either consciously or unconsciously.
  • A hacker could access the content of the smartphone that is automatically synchronized and stored in the cloud.
  • When suffering the theft or loss of a device in a public place, it could fall into the hands of a stranger.
  • Hackers could access a victim’s account in their messaging app and enter their private photo folder.

If private photos are compromised, they could end up posted on pornography websites. This could damage the image of the victim both in the network and in real life and create serious problems. In addition, family members or coworkers of the victim could see these photos, and this could have a great impact on their lives.

One of the unpleasant consequences of filtering this type of photos is cyberbullying, something that has become a great threat to teenagers. If the picture of a nude teenager is made public, his/her classmates could see it, or it could end up on a pornography page so that he/she could be harassed, intimidated or even lead to suicide.

According to a Virginia Child pornography lawyer, to protect your child from a possible disaster, establish the following rules:

  • DO NOT send intimate photos to strangers, even if they insist
  • DO NOT use sexting on someone you like
  • DO NOT send nude photos or sexual messages, even if it’s a joke. The consequences are NOT a joke!
  • DO NOT try to get more “I like” with the publication of a compromising photo on social networks. There will always be someone who wants to use it against you.
  • DO NOT exchange nude photos.

The sexting is a dangerous phenomenon that is widespread and can have terrible consequences for both teens and adults. Remember that the current media does not guarantee the security of your data. In case you are accused of child pornography charges, it is imperative to contact a Virginia child pornography lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a free case analysis as you may be facing significant punishments.

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