Virginia Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Most people accused of embezzlement are not criminal geniuses. Simply because they are ordinary people and workers like you who have made a simple mistake or a bad decision related to their money or valuables that have been entrusted to them. One should not let a bad decision ruin your reputation and your future! Instead, accused of fraud or embezzlement charges should get fast and effective legal assistance from one of the reliable, well-versed Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys.


Sometimes, people fall into the trap of thinking that it really is not worth hiring an embezzlement lawyer if the charges against them are minor or if the evidence against them is strong. This could not be further from reality. Every time you are accused of a crime, you can and should exercise your right to a criminal defense lawyer.

Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys can give you valuable assistance with your case:

  • being present during police interrogation to ensure fair treatment;
  • attending your arraignment hearing to obtain a fair bond or release at your own risk;
  • investigating the case to discover evidence for its defense;
  • presenting motions to remove any evidence obtained illegally, such as forced confessions;
  • trying to convince the District Attorney that the charges against him must be withdrawn;
  • negotiating with the prosecution an indulgent agreed sentence, if applicable; or
  • defending his innocence in court if necessary.

White collar crimes and frauds range from misdemeanors to serious crimes that can involve millions of dollars. No matter what end of the spectrum your case is in, Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys can deliver you exceptional defense representation and work just as hard to protect your rights and avoid a conviction, whether you face years of imprisonment or a fine that would amount to a minor reprimand.


There is a wide variety of non-violent crimes that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. To ensure that your lawyer is qualified to address the specific charges you face, it is important to hire a defense attorney with a broad knowledge base and extensive experience. One of the most experienced Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys would be an excellent choice for your white collar crime case who has specialization in the specific niche, knows the legal statutes and relevant jurisprudence for all types of crimes, and understands how to interpret the technical, financial evidence that usually accompanies white collar crimes. Some of the most common white collar crimes occurring in Virginia include:

  1. Bribery
  2. Embezzlement
  3. Extortion
  4. Falsification
  5. Credit card fraud
  6. Insurance fraud
  7. Mail fraud
  8. Fiscal fraud
  9. Identity Theft
  10. Internet crimes

As your Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys, your chosen team’s goal is to help you resolve the allegations against you in the fastest and most advantageous way possible. Depending on the facts of your case as well as the disposition of the prosecution, the legal team may withdraw the charges for lack of evidence or rebut the charges in the trial. You can count on their ability to provide you a skillful representation in court. However, if the evidence in your case is such that you are unlikely to obtain an acquittal, it will not be in your best interest to go to trial. Instead, they will ensure that they get the outcome that exposes you to the lightest possible penalties.