Virginia Sexual Assault Laws and Punishments

There are different types of sex crime charges, and there are different penalties for each of the offense one person might commit. Rape is considered as the highest offense in the sex crime charges saga, and there are very harsh penalties for that as well. Whereas, when it comes to sexual assault, it isn’t something which goes unnoticed or where one would get sympathy even a bit. People deliberately committing sexual assault or sexual battery is a serious crime in Virginia. Excluding the fact that you have to face criticism for your whole lifetime, even if you get accused people to see you as a serious offender and this continues for the whole life. This whole thing can affect your life, your children, an area where you live, your employment place and anywhere in public you go as well. The dishonor which merges with your name after you get accused is something which any person wouldn’t like it at all.

Sexual assault can also be grabbed from murky situations or interactions. A touch misinterpreted or with no intention of touching at all can sometimes become a sexual assault case. Not really this, if the touch becomes aggravated, then it can cost you up to twenty years in jail and $100,000 fine. Once you commit a sex crime, you will have yourself registered as a sex offender who will be with you even if you complete the charges or penalties.

What does the Law say?

There are different penalties for each of the sex crime there is.

  • Sexual Assault
  • Aggravated Sexual Battery
  • Attempted Rape

Sexual Assault: Touching the covered body of someone is considered as sexual assault, like someone’s bra or underwear. More specifically; anus, breast, genitals, groin or buttocks.

On this offense, you can face up to two years in jail and a fine of maximum $2,500.

Aggravated Sexual Battery: Aggravated sexual battery can be noticed or committed in four different scenarios.
Sexual abuse of a person who is less than 13 years old.

Sexual abuse of someone who is mentally challenged or physically disabled.

Sexual abuse of under 19 by a parent, grandparent or step-grandparent.

Sexual abuse of a person forcefully who is under 15, while le doing that ta he accused person seriously injures the other person.

Any of the listed above can lead you to prison for max 20 years or $100,000 fine, or penalty was given by the Court.

Attempted Rape: When it comes to rape, the accused person is going to spend at least five years in the prison, which is a big part of life. Breaking it into more pieces, if the victim is mentally challenged or physically disabled, then this can play a huge role in a higher number of years in prison. Even in some cases, the Court gives the order for whole life in prison.

This can result into $100,000 fine and lifetime jail as well.

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